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The Berlin specialist shop for kitchen, sports and EDC knives, scissors, defence equipment, weapons and much more, which was founded in 2010, is passionately run by Mr Feldner and his co-worker. "When I bought my first knife in 1978, it was all over me. High quality materials and the product refinement of many knives fascinated me and I started collecting knives."
The Rasierer-Zentrale in Lüneburg was founded 63 years ago. The family-run company is managed by Michael Kalb and his two sons Björn and Marco: "With three men in the management there are certainly minor disagreements, but there is no mistake about one thing. Our common Boker favorite knife is the Boker Boxer Desert Ironwood. The classic knife shape, the timeless design and the versatility convinced us in no time at all."
The family business Schlüsseldienst Fischer is located in the historic centre of Mittenwald, the highest climatic health resort in Germany and a popular holiday destination for hikers and winter sports enthusiasts. Sepp Fischer, who was born in Mittenwald, and his wife Traudl started in 1975 as a pure key service. In 1980 they expanded their range of products to include knives and gift products.
On this occasion we would like to assure you that we are currently doing everything to provide you with the extensive service of the Boker Manufactory Solingen in the coming weeks in the usual high quality. This includes the dispatch of goods, advice by phone and email as well as current information about our products.
Founded in 1879 and located in the Töngesgasse near Frankfurt's Zeil since the 1950s, the specialty shop under the management of qualified knifemaker Andrea Müller stands for tradition, expertise and dedication: "The passion for knives has always been with me. I can't exactly quantify when or by which event this passion was kindled".
Most retailers started out in the traditional way with a local store and over time added an online shop to it. For us it was the other way round: Paramitos started in 2013 as a pure online shop, in early 2019 we opened a store in the centre of Oranienburg. There my team and I now have the opportunity to advise customers personally and according to their needs.
Brad Zinker is a knifemaker from Florida and a member of the traditional American Knifemakers Guild. Most of his designs are filigree, his preference for narrow blades and reduced handles is easy to recognize. The weight of his designs therefore always plays an important role, the extraordinary knives should never burden or hinder their wearers.
Lucas Burnley from Massachusetts is a full-time knifemaker and designer. His unmistakable knives combine clear, modern lines with tactical ones. His designs are playful and refined at the same time and often contain subtle neo-Japanese elements. It is particularly important to him that his knives are both useful and aesthetic.
In almost every product text there are knife specific technical terms which are not necessarily known
to the non-specialist. For this reason we have compiled a small guide here.
The battleship of the German Navy, which sank off the Norwegian coast in 1944, served not only as eponym but also as parts supplier for the legendary Boker model Tirpitz-Damascus.
Since 1869, the famous knives with the world-famous Boker tree brand have been manufactured by hand in Solingen, the city of blades. It fills us with great pride when we look back on our continuous history, on the eventful history through which our company has gone over the course of 15 decades. And we also see this as a great obligation to remain true to our philosophy.